"A place to call home For Veterans"


Welcome all guest's to Veterans-In-Command, these are true testimonials by veterans we provide housing assistance & services for in the New York City area. (Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.)

Quotes I am proud to be a part of Veterans-In-Command. I was sleeping in a shelter until I met Mr. Larry E. Robertson Since then my life has changed. I have a place i can call home and i am independent again thanks to Veterans-In-Command. I am a Veteran to. Quotes
Rodney K. Moore
Veterans-In-Command House Monitor

Quotes I first met Larry Robertson back in 2009 and at a really hard time we all were going through, my wife volunteered to work for him and another colleague of his. Since that time we been through a great deal as business partners, and I have grown to know of his trustworthiness and been with him since Veterans-In-Command got its bright new start. He means well for the likes of all veterans and also for the community. His resilience, professionalism, and kind loving support for those less fortunate is what makes this non profit organization a true to life necessity during times of economic hardship for transitioning veterans. I'm happy to have met Larry Robertson and proud to be one of his many business partners as well as system administrators. He truly knows how to treat those who work with him and for his company. Quotes
Michael Pugh
Veteran & Computer Network Admin For VIC

Quotes Thank You veterans- in-command for helping all Veterans Men and women. We need more companies like your giving back to Veterans and a place to live and to call home. Quotes
George Jackson
US Army

Quotes I am proud of my cousin Larry E.Robertson for working with the veterans And giving them a place to call home. Thank You veterans - in - command for helping all Veterans and there family. May God bless you and your company. Quotes
Timothy Robertson
retire US Army

Quotes After 12 yrs of living and establishing my life in Rockaway Park, Hurricane Sandy destroyed my apartment and changed my life. Because of my medical condition I can't travel very far so I ended up in the hospital. Homeless and uncertain of where I would go after I got out the hospital, I contacted the Veterans Association who put me in touch with Veterans-In-Command. Veterans-In-Command has helped ease my transition and is helping me get back on my feet. It's a great place to be. Quotes
Renato Aldo Dimasso
Veterans-In-Command Resident