"A place to call home For Veterans"


Purpose of this Website

Purpose of this Website

  1. Why should I use this website?

    The Veterans-in-Command website is meant as a user interface and access to quickly communicate with the official company and also as a point of reference to apply for housing,

    We are located in the New York City Tri-State area, and the official central office is working out of the Jamaica Queens Area. For any and all inquires please contact us by phone at area code (347) 494-4485.

  2. How do I use this website?

    The use of this website is fairly simple, simply go to the oncreen menu's tabs or photo / video apps to locate content thats available, and there's also news feeds or blog feeds that may be accessed as well.

    Members are allowed to add their own content as well, and as long as it doesn't violate any user agreements of our website or that of any third party web locations we choose to implement into this social network.

    Once you've decided to become a member it also allows you access to areas that we'ren't allowed for non-members to access, which provides even more priveleges for usage, but keep in mind that spamming any location here in this website is grounds for permanent removal.

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Using the web applications

  1. How do I utilize the intake application form and other forms

    Visit our intake form and simply fill it out to the best of your knoweldge and we will contact you back ASAP. You can click here to get there.

  2. Photo Application

    Using the photo application is for members only, you may submit photos of yourself, or that of anything relevant to your usage here, but please be advised that this is a professional network, and isn't for game play or anything irrelevant.

    If you choose to post an image make sure its of the utmost professional kind of imagery, or it shall be inspected, investigated as to the purpose of such, and potentially be removed by Administrators, and all violations will be handled promptly and swiftly.

  3. Video Application

    If you choose to utilize the video application, make sure that it is for business purposes only, and please dont try to game our system in place here, because our administrators will detect any unlawful violations of our social platform in place.

    This video app section is for those who choose to collaborate with us, interviewing purposes where we accept videos portfolios of potential employees, and or partnerships team up videos that we approve of.

    You can also create unique videos to share of your own, about trying to startup a buisness or share your business ideas with us, that is appropriate, and doesnt infringe upon any other persons copyright, or the copyright laws of any other business or corporation.

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