"A place to call home For Veterans"


Incorporated in 2012 by CEO Larry E. Robertson

Veterans-In-Command is a community conscious contributor to those in need. We provide housing for veterans, their families, and a variety of other disadvantaged or transitioning groups.

Through our Partnership with VOA Veterans-In-Command is committed to uplifting our communities we serve by bringing change and opportunity to said communities in the form of HIRING AND INSPIRING.
VIC Oath:
A Veteran Is Someone Who At One Point In His or Her Life Wrote A Blank Check Payable To "The United States Of America" For An Amount Of "Up To And Including My Life."

Affiliated Organizations

Listing of associations consisting of companies, non profits, and individuals that support Veterans-In-Command.


Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc,

Jericho Project

Help USA - (Help Bronx Crotona Park North)

RBSCC Empowerment Center

St. Albans VA Hospital

Volunteer of America

Lowe's St. Albans Veterans' Dorms
Borden House Men's Veterans Shelter

Manhattan Veterans Advisory Counsel

United Democratic Club


Savings (Banking Advice & Tips)

Jobs Referral

Coming Soon! New Veterans-In-Command housing unit for Veterans (71 Units will be available for occupancy)

Permanent Housing Referral

Meals on Wheels

Contact Info -

We are located in the New York City Tri-state area, and the official central office is working out of the Jamaica Queens Area. For any and all inquires please contact us by phone at area code (347) 494-4485.